A split unit air conditioner is an air conditioning system that consists out of two separate units; the water or air-cooled condensing unit and the air handling unit.


Window air conditioning is simply more effective at cooling larger rooms than floor-based air conditioning is. If you have multiple rooms that you need cooled, window AC units will be much more effective at doing this.


Slim line tower type ac fixed speed ac cooling only Stylish DesignThe compact size, superior style and aesthetics suit the most sophisticated interiors.Noise Suppression TechnologyNoise Suppression Technology: Use of blower design, vibration attenuation of refrigerant piping and immaculate insulation for low operating sound levels.Dual ControlCan be controlled both from the units panel controller as well as the LCD handset.Time and Temperature DisplayRoom temperature, on/off time settings, fan speed and other modes are indicated by LED graphics on the display panel.Child Lock SwitchThis switch allows the settings to be locked to make it child-proof.High system reliability with duplicate compressorUse of internal overload protection device protects the compressor both from electrical and thermal overload.High efficiency compressorHighly efficient reciprocating compressor for 1.5, 2 and 3 Ton and scroll compressor for the 4 Ton allows energy saving.


Factory charged and tested refrigerant, ease of installation, ease of operations and safety features that are customized to best meet the consumers’ needs.


An air conditioning unit is a welcoming gadget in modern times of global warming. The sweat and heat in the summer season make everyone dull and tired. But what if you get a cool temperature in your room controlled by AC, you can remain more energetic and boost your concentration more in your work. The best way to enjoy is to fill your Air conditioning unit gas in Ghaziabad Aircon at the right time. It will help you to save on your electricity bill. If your air conditioning unit is not functioning properly or facing any other air conditioning issues then you may not be getting the proper cooling and performance of AC in the room. So, you must make sure to do regular AC repair and maintenance services in Khora Colony at the earliest.


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This service includes an end to end cleaning of your AC (which is not faulty). Cooling coils, condenser coils, outer panel, drain and fielt pipes will be extensively cleaned and washed. However, High-pressure jet pump will not be used for the cleaning purpose. Ask this service when you want your AC to be properly cleaned

REPAIRS : Choose this option for diagnosis and repair of your AC. The professional Will check the AC upon visitation and provide with quotation depending on the condition of the appliance

In today’s busy world, the role of Home Appliances has evolved from being a luxury to an everyday necessity. They have become an integral part of our lives and help us get so much done. Any breakdown of our appliances disrupts our everyday lives and throw us off our budget and schedule. A breakdown not only brings financial burden but also a great deal of hassle in getting the products repaired. ‘ADITYA ELECTRICAL SERVICES’ enables you to request for servicesin various categories of appliances such as.
• AC repair - includes Split AC repair and window AC repair.
• AC service (wet cleaning/preventive maintenance service) – includes Spit AC service and Window AC service.
• a technician is assigned for visit to troubleshoot any issue or perform regular maintenance (as desired).